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Veldon and Newman has former US attorneys, patent agents, and professional representatives ready to take on both large and small projects for our clients.


Since 1994, our firm has been among the most celebrated in both New York City and the New England region. 

Our aggressive approach to intellectual property, taxes, and corporate protection has helped our clients and their products thrive while they are protected from frivolous lawsuits and corporate espionage.

Hopefully you will find the information published here useful. It is important to remember however, that these pages are not a substitution for quality legal advice. 

We welcome you to our office to sit down and discuss your case before we begin discussing retainer fees. 

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Along with our partners, we have 23 attorneys, 40 paralegals, and numerous other highly trained professionals devoted to your case. Together, our partners have over 25 years of experience and been awarded numerous accolades over the past two decades.