Veldon and Newman

Our History

The firm was established when Veldon and Newman got together and formed their own venture in 1994. Originally, the trust came together from association meetings and working on cases together, it seems fitting to start the firm together.

What began as 2 partners, a secretary and a couple associates has sprouted to over 30 associates in New York alone and over 50 partner firms worldwide. The firm concentrated on local cases in the early days on the big mutual fund companies and law suits faced in their direction. Working closely with Wall Street companies provided numerous contacts and after realizing their success, an extreme growth in business.

Over the next 5 years the firm gained multinational clients that needed more from a firm than just a concentration in American law and business nature and in 1996, the firm worked its first client in both Japan and China. After realizing the brilliance and necessity of a local firm to help with national laws, business codes and local culture, the firm created what is now an industry-wide policy of forming partnerships with firms in countries around the world with a couple main contact people from the New York office rotating in and out to manage and guide the partnership to be not only successful for each firm, but invaluable for our clients.

In the last 5 years we have kept a near perfect retention rate with our clients, gained over 30 clients in the Fortune 100 and many more and have grown to the top of  the legal profession because of our high success rate and business benefits we provide to our clients. No client is too big or too small for us so please, if you have any business problems, let the law firm of  Veldon and Newman protect you.