Veldon and Newman

Intellectual Property

The protection of intellectual property rights in both the domestic markets and internationally is central to a strong business and legal environment that drives innovation. Without these protections, engineers, scientists, and other innovators have less incentives to create new things and advance society through their sciences further. We take great pride in ensuring these rights are protected to do our part to help you push society forward.

Intellectual Property Law extends into a number of different areas including copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Rights of these properties are registered and granted by government institutions seeking to advance science and arts, and to protect investment in names, symbols, slogans, and other mediums used to identify products and services.

The protection of inventions is covered within the patent area, and is subdivided in areas of technology including but not limited to: biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, computers & e-commerce, and like areas of the Internet. The distinguishing elements of practicing and enforcing the patent area are prosecution, and the acquisition and enforcement of rights through litigations, and alternative dispute resolution and licensing.

The trademark area applies to both registered and unregistered elements that correspond with and identify goods and services as well as organizations. The area can include, but is not limited to words, images, sounds, smells, and shapes.

Our firm has partners in 23 other countries including the European Union, China, Japan, Russia, India and many more. Our partners are on every continent except Antarctica and we have attorneys who focus on communicating with the WTO and the US government. This allows our firm to help your needs from the local to the multi-national issues that an expanding company will face.